Discipleship Evangelism Missional Outreach (DEMO)

This special arm of Andrew Wommack Ministries is focused on discipling people around the world and demonstrating God’s unconditional love and grace. DEMO uses a program called Discipleship Evangelism (DE), written by Andrew Wommack and Don Krow, that allows us to train and mentor true disciples of Christ, instead of just creating converts. In addition to discipleship, our desire is to help demonstrate Christ by meeting the physical and practical needs of various people groups. Some of our projects have included drilling safe water wells, delivering medical supplies, and creating aquaponics food supply systems.

Discipleship Evangelism

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What is DEMO?

Special letter from Director Mark Rowe

Dear Friends, you may have stumbled upon this page by accident, or just clicked on the link wondering ‘what in the world is DEMO!?’ So, allow me to explain...

My name is Mark Rowe and I am the Director of DEMO (Discipleship Evangelism Missional Outreach), which is a new arm of Andrew Wommack Ministries focused on discipling people around the world. This we achieve by using the Discipleship Evangelism (DE) study guide, a program written by Andrew Wommack and Don Krow. In addition to discipling folks, our desire is to help them in practical ways and to demonstrate the love of Christ where we are able. In other words, simply put, Andrew’s desire is to ‘give people the Word, and teach them to fish’.

So, the aim of this section of the website is to keep you, our friends and partners, updated and informed as to the work of DEMO (Part 1, Part 2) for without your help and support none of what we do would be possible. Our aim is to share with you some of the stories of the lives, that together we can touch, and the communities we are privileged to impact and help transform, through the love of Jesus.

The current focus of our work is in Uganda in Central Eastern Africa, with an emphasis on the region of Karamoja. This region is an arid and hitherto dangerous place that forms the border between Uganda and Kenya, well known for cross border tribal conflicts. There is tremendous poverty in this region and the literacy rate among the Karamojong is only around 10%. Nevertheless, AWM has been discipling people in this corner of the world using the DE Program for approximately four years now, seeing many lives changed by God’s Word. Our desire is to spread out from Uganda to the surrounding countries with the ‘almost too good to be true news’ of Jesus’ love and grace, whilst practically demonstrating the love of Christ.

Allow me to share just one short story with you...

Esther’s Story

Esther, a 25-year-old mother of six children from the Pokot tribe in southern Karamoja, comes from the village of Komoret which sits in the shadow of mount Kadam rising 11,000 feet out of the bush. Esther would regularly walk the 15km or so to the town of Amudat, to the little PAGU (Pentecostal Assemblies of God of Uganda) church to be discipled by the AWM team on the ground there. This team of indigenous pastors supported by your generous giving, would make regular visits to Amudat to disciple people. I first met Esther in January 2014, at which time she could neither read or write. She pleaded with me at that time to visit her village of Komoret, and told me of their desperate need for water. I tried on three different occasions to reach her village, but each time we were prevented by weather or circumstances from making the journey. Finally, in May of 2016, I made it to Komoret with my young colleague Ricky Burge, and met with Esther again. I told her we would soon be surveying her village with a view to drilling a water well. She was thrilled, and we had an amazing reception from the villagers, and we have subsequently followed through on our promise and in of this year we installed a borehole and hand pump. But, that is not the most remarkable thing?

This time, Esther looked completely different, and in the space of less than three years through the DE program, Esther has learned to speak English, and to read through reading the Bible. And, if that wasn’t enough, she has planted three churches, started her own little business in the town of Amudat, and is the pastor of the church in her village of Komoret. Now that is a big deal! Particularly, in Pokot and Karamojong society where women tend to be viewed as possessions rather than partners to their menfolk!

I recently visited another of Esther’s church plants in the village of Kapetawoi, where we have recently installed a borehole and hand pump. I was reliably informed by Robert Olupot, Bishop of Karamoja, who accompanied us along with Esther, that this is the nearest water source for 40km, approximately 25 miles! The little church planted by Esther is pastored by Bosco a local man, who placed a hand-written letter in my hand imploring us to help them build a permanent structure. Apparently, whilst it doesn’t rain too often, when it does, the little mud built church gets washed away, and they have to start over again!

Let me share some of the achievements of DEMO over the last two years

Recent Projects:

  • Provided community water filters in 90 remote locations in Karamoja These filters provide sufficient fresh drinking water for up to 120 adults, or 200 children daily for up to two years – that is up to 16,000 people potentially affected. Water borne diseases account for 50% of deaths worldwide.
  • Created Glotrans Bank through our partner Billy Epperhart and his company Tricord Global, with well over $1m raised and distributed in loans particularly to Christians who are unable to obtain finance elsewhere.
  • Facilitated the equipping of two medical centers in Kampala via the arrival of a container of equipment from the U.S., value approx. $0.5m
  • Put fulltime Operations Manager on the ground in Uganda – Ricky Burge
  • Established and nurtured good relations with national leaders of PAGU
  • Continued DE program in Karamoja and held major training conferences with leaders and pastors
  • Drilled eleven water wells, five in the Kotido area of Karamoja, five more in the Amudat region, and one near the PAG Missions training center in Luwero just north of Kampala. In addition, we have fully trained the communities where wells have been drilled in the WASH program. This helps to ensure ownership, accountability, and safe, hygienic operation and maintenance of the wells.
  • Eight new DE languages have been added with eleven more pending
  • Zinga (or Bugo) Island Project – we have established a church in partnership with Glory of Christ Church, on a remote spit of land in Lake Victoria with a view to developing a model farm project and provide a boat and landing facilities to make the island accessible. There are up to 30,000 people in this isolated community living in poor conditions.
  • Established a major aquaponics training site in Colorado for missions and ministry students to:
  • Use as location for demonstrating practical missions
  • Use as experimental facility to develop systems for the bush and remote areas of Africa to provide tools that fruitfully utilize the precious water.
  • Create financially self-sustaining model by selling produce

  • So, stay tuned and visit regularly for future updates and thank you, on behalf of those all around the world that we are able to help because of your support and compassion. We can’t change the world, but we can change somebody’s world!

    May God bless you – Mark.